“First Graphic Design Conference, in San Sebastian”

“Corporate identity graphic trademarks”

The “First Graphic Design Conference” will go into handling “Corporate identity graphic trademarks” in depth. This proposal falls under the framework of the Basque Country University Summer Course Programme, acting as a space to exchange experiences between professionals, academics, researchers, companies and students related to Graphic Design. The sessions will be held from the 18th until the 20th of July, in San Sebastian. ■

With the motto “Corporate identity graphic trademarks”, the aim of this “First Graphic Design Conference” is to study the meaning of graphic trademarks in further depth, as “a proposal to improve possibilities of both being in, and belonging to, this world.” It is organised by LETRAZ Grupo de Investigación en Diseño Gráfico y Tipografía (LETRAZ Graphic Design and Typography Research Group) from the UPV (Basque Country University).

The conference, within the framework of Basque Country University’s Summer Courses, is open to designers, academics, researchers and students. The intent behind the conference this year is to act as a space to share professional or academic projects, experiences, theoretical studies and reflections on the different thematic areas proposed by the organisation and included in the Programme.

Speeches and Communications. Professional experts in Graphic Design, such as Joan Costa, Emilio Gil, Enric Jardí, Daniel Raposo, Manuel Estrada, Leire Fernández and Eduardo Herrera will be participating in the conference, as stated by the Programme that lists the Speeches.

Furthermore, Oral Communications will report on the criteria and involvement of specialists and professionals.

Uniqueness of the Cultural Capital. Within the context of San Sebastian being the Cultural Capital, the conference has programmed an initiative called Marcas de la casa (House Trademarks)” that will bring together Graphic trademark design projects performed by professional studios in San Sebastian. The intent is to encourage creative and innovative contributions to the cultural programme “Donostia/San Sebastian 2016 European Capital of Culture.”

For further information, please visit the website of the First Graphic Design Conference: Corporate identity graphic trademarks. ■