Bilbao Bizkaia D Week 2016

EIDE: to promote and spread Design

Under the II edition of the Bilbao Bizkaia D Week 2016, the Asociación de Diseñadores de Euskadi (Basque Country Association of Designers) (EIDE) has organised a programme of activities that seeks to promote and spread Design culture, as well as professional exchanges. The programme runs from 17 through 30 November, with actions taking place in the city of Bilbao: meetings, open houses, round tables and conferences, workshops and book presentations. ■

The activities proposed by EIDE (Asociación de Diseñadores de Euskadi (Basque Country Association of Designers) form an integral part of the initiative driven by the Bilbao Bizkaia D Week 2016, whose second edition has a full schedule to promote creative industries (along with Design: Architecture, Artisan work, Audio-visual, Communication, Digital content, Interior design, Fashion and Video games).

In its specific field, EIDE has prepared a singular schedule to spread Design culture, to encourage international connections, to drive the knowledge of and amongst professionals, to help students and to facilitate job market access for young designers.
Promoting Design as a “tool for innovation and competitiveness” is one of the programme’s cross-cutting themes, as explained as follows.


EIDE Programme

17 November

“Identity of new Chilean design”. Presentation of the book Nuevos creativos chilenos, volumen 1: diseño de productos (New Chilean creatives, volume 1: product design), by Juan Pablo Fuentes.

24 November

Open Studio Bilbao. Open house day for students, professionals, companies and those interested to visit and discover Bilbao studios.

Design Disruptors. A documentary ─produced by InVision─ showing the transforming power of Design, based on the experience of different professionals from leading companies.

Portfolio Night. Activity oriented toward students and young designers (Product design, Graphic design, Space design, etc.) for them to value and showcase their projects.

The second edition of the Vidrala Masterglass Design Contest will also be presented.

28 November

Industries & Design 2016. This workshop, organised by EIDE and the BiDC (Bilbao Bizkaia Design Council), seeks to help make Design form part of companies’ innovation strategies, as a tool for competitiveness and growth.

Speakers include Roberto Verganti and John Thackara, and speakers from Biscay companies such as Maier S.Coop.

Moreover, the smart specialisation strategies of PCTI Euskadi 2020 will be addressed: Advanced manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

From 23 to 30 November

D Zone. Versatile exhibition space, at the Azkuna Zentroa, the result of four creative sectors in Biscay collaborating: Design/EIDE, Interior design/CODDB, Artisan work/ARBASO and Fashion/Bizkaiko Moda Bizkaia. ■