EGURTEK Awards 2016

The company Disaro: Wood Design award

At the 3rd edition of the Wood Architecture Awards, Design modality, the company Arquitectos y Diseñadores Asociados Disaro won the award for the street furniture project “Pedestrian fence Bilbao. This award, under the Wood Design category, is part of the awards promoted by EGURTEK: International Wood Construction and Architecture Forum. The Jury’s ruling was announced last 10 June. The award ceremony will be held at Bilbao Exhibition Centre, the 21 October, 2016, during the 6th Forum, held every two years. ■

Sketch Pedestrian fence Bilbao. Egurtek Award 2016 to Arquitectos y Diseñadores Asociados DisaroThe project “Pedestrian fence Bilbao, by the company Arquitectos y Diseñadores Asociados Disaro, winner of the Wood Design category, is a commission given out by Bilbao Town Hall. In the words of the managing team, the idea was to design “a fence to define reserved areas, establish routes and limit access at events and locations.”

In Disaro’s opinion, as of today there is no similar solution on the market, so they aspire to become a point of reference for other street furniture projects.
The Jury highlighted the value of this project, awarded out of 20 projects competing for the Design modality. “The solution is functional and versatile and can be used in different ways. The wood is used naturally.”

Award ceremony Egurtek 2016_206C9805-1After being exhibited at the Bilbao headquarters of the Official Association of Basque-Navarre Architects, the explanatory panels on the projects competing for the EGURTEK awards 2016 in different modalities were shown at the Higher Technical School of Architecture of San Sebastian. They will finish their tour in October, at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre, for the 6th edition of the International Wood Construction and Architecture Forum (scheduled the 20 and 21 October). ■